full nameelisabeth rebecca frye
nicknamesbusy, exclusively.
date of birthapril 21, 1989 - 25
birthplacecharleston, south carolina
residencedenver, colorado
occupationbridal consultant @ little white dress bridal, studying law @ cu boulder
relationship statussingle
familydavid (father, 55, attorney); lydia van laar (nee frye, nee taylor, mother, 53, attorney); steven van laar (stepfather, 57, attorney); gabriella loredan-frye (stepmother, 50, restaurateur); aria van laar (stepsister via mom's side, 27); gabriel loredan (stepbrother via dad's side, 25)

biography elisabeth ‘busy’ frye never expected her life to be anything interesting. born in charleston, south carolina, her life started nearly silently - that is, she barely made a peep when making her way into the world. that silence didn’t last long, though. the animosity between her parents reached the boiling point, and their marriage eventually imploded a year later. busy and her mother, laura, departed south carolina as soon as possible, floating along the east coast searching for somewhere to land. laura met steve blake and his child when busy was five years old, and within the year, the four of them had settled down in denver, colorado.

life in colorado was easy and calm. busy was the life of the party - her nickname originating from the fact that she was, indeed, a busybody, always sticking her nose in other people’s business. this wasn’t something laura was used to, and it made her antsy. she threw all her effort into her public defender career, but also into the world of bridal. she, along with her older sister, opened the little white dress bridal shop in denver when busy was ten - laura serving as an investor, her sister as the face and official owner of the company, and it quickly grew into one of the most popular and successful bridal shops in the area. busy fell in love with wedding dresses and the design and concept behind them. she took a job there at fifteen, and has worked for the last ten years as a bridal consultant, with no intention to leave any time soon.

on the flip side, busy had every intention of going to college to study fashion design or fashion merchandising, with the hopes of eventually opening her own shop, or even designing her own bridal line. she fully expected her mother, who loved bridal as much, if not more than busy, to be on her side when it came to this decision. instead, both parents - who hadn’t agreed on anything in busy’s recent memory - thought it was best for her to study something ‘practical’. david frye was one of many in a line of attorneys in his family, and fully intended for his daughter to follow in his footsteps. so busy studied psychology and communications, never having any designs on going to law school. instead, after a year of searching for a real job but not finding any prospects, she took up her father on his standing offer to pay for her law degree. she entered her first year in the fall at cu boulder, but is still making up her mind about the entire concept.

a lifetime of having to perform meant that busy often felt as if she was on display. her confidence is at most, thirty percent genuine, and seventy percent put on. she finds vulnerability impossible with most people - she takes a while to open up outside of the superficial. but she does have a genuine want for relationships, and friendships, despite her seeming flighty at times. her personality is her own, she owns that. she just knows she’s alright with being a contradiction.
 personality • she's got a big, boisterous personality, never having met a stranger. most of it is in an attempt to cover up major insecurities, but there is no one she loves and hates more than herself. she swears like a sailor, has a tendency to stick her foot in her mouth, and certainly thinks she's a lot tougher than she really is.
 facts • coming soon!
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